In Singapore, they found a database of cells with HIV diseases stolen from them a few years ago @ Slo-Tech


Slo-Tech – In Singapore, there is a terrible inconvenience, with just over personal data to the wild. A database of HIV-related people with 14,000 people was installed. 5400 citizens of Singaporean and 8800 foreigners have confirmed between 1985 and 2013. HIV is still a major stigma in Singapore, because non-HIV-positive migrants even have access to the country, and today, Anyone who wants in the country for more than 90 days, they need to investigate them, and include the HIV test.

In the last sentence, names, addresses, HIV-positivity and other medical data were inserted. It is interesting that this is the way we know who is responsible for the breakdown. He was executed by the American American Mikhy Farrera-Brochez, who was a 33 year old, who was a private partner at the headquarters of the Singapore Public Health Department. In fact, it was not a classic attack; , but Farrera-Brochez benefited access to the company's database. Farrera-Brochez HIV is HIV positive and has been living alone in Singapore since 2008 and, The participant is capable of catching his disease. The second was convicted of two years in prison to help with fraud, but made a complaint. Your case has not yet been completed.

The attack took place in 2013, except in 2016, but the authorities did not hit the big clash because they were in a position; Believing that the police kept tracking and grasping all the information. Farrera-Brochez was arrested at that time and sentenced 28 months imprisonment in 2017 for drug discharges and his / her. mourning. After serving his sweat, he was abolished and is not currently in Singapore. Now, the authorities are now learning that a copy of the database still remains.

Since 2016 the Ministry of Health has secured better security from the center, they are offering. From now on, two people must get to authority. People who had been on the list that had been stolen tried to express the event, but they did not. only 900 men left. This means that a & # 39; Much was aware that the information about the HIV disease was stolen.

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