In Skalica there will be an exhibition on the book Záhorácké pjesňičky


Skalica, an archive design. Picture: TASR

Skalica on November 21st (TASR) – On Friday 30th November, a pre-Christmas event of the Záhorský Museum in Skalica will be held, along with the book show by Záhorácké pjesňičky by Jan Blah. TASR told the director of the Záhorský Viera Drahošová Museum.

"The soprano Stanislava Maggioni-Dubanova, the barytone Tomáš Šelc, Fioloncello Pavol Much and Peter Pažický's pianist, the" Drahosova said. His concert is part of the famous (No) Famous 2018 music.

Jan Blah, Helena Jurasova and Eva Blahova, Oskar Elschek's musician and two main authors from the new writer, Vladimir Godar and Peter Michalovich, talked about the introduction of the book. "At the end of the festival, Skaličan's folk music," the museum director added.

The event was prepared by the Záhorské múzeum in conjunction with the Independent Department of Trnava, with the recreational center hosted by the company. established by the Slovak Ministry of Culture and the Albrechtina Civilization Society. The publication sponsored Public Art Fund.

Source:, the TASR news portal

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