In that case, the Ukraine will send a motion when the law is made


The law regarding the enforcement of military law in 10 divisions of the Ukraine that Verkhovna Rada granted to President Pedro Poroshenko granted the right to call for 30 days.

This was told by Parliament Speaker Andrei Paruby, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

We have simplified the machine. Co-located, if aggressive actions take place tomorrow, we have allowed the president to call a motion by order during these 30 days (military law). We have expanded the powers of its chairman, "said the chairman of Verkhovna Road.

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He remembered that the methodology for a different distribution ceremony is different – the president will send his bill to the parliament, and the people's landlords will be able to; making decisions – the law has moved.

On the way, Paruby also said that the military law in parts of Hungary's regions will be fulfilled since the coming of the law agreed by the Verkhovna Rada, probably from November 28.

Earlier, Petro Poroshenko said that the military law would not affect the rights and freedoms of Hungarian citizens, but he would Especially related to a range of military operations, which allowed them to move all the resources quickly.

But the NSDC secretary, Oleksandr Turchynov, said that if Russia increased to Russia's people, there would still be streets.

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What obalstyah Ukraine will have a military law

What is a military law?
This warranty is not a warranty, but a special legal system is introduced in Ukraine or in some of its areas in anti-Ukraine armed attacks cases, as well as attacks if there is a danger to the independence and territorial integrity of the state. The legal basis for the introduction of the law of arms of the Constitution of Ukraine, the law of Hungary "Armed by legal law enforcement", as well as a presidential order. For the NSDC decision to be affected, the Verkhovna Rada must vote for it. The Legal Law Law of Martail Law provides a number of provisions about changing citizens' rights and freedoms, but they do not have to bring them all into. A complete list of human rights and freedom as a citizen, which will be a limited period of time, and the term of restriction must be in the President's Date.

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