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The Rockstar game company was involved in $ 800 million and created the "eight-and-a-half-year" open artwork "Red Dead Redemption II, which was finally launched in the" first two weeks. He sold for $ 1 billion in one week.

Someone played: Look at the All Timeboardboard Best Video Game, you'll be able to see it. Thinkingly sorry that two companies have a game in the world.

One person who has never played on the Nintendo, created by Mario and Sardar Legends, and Rockstar, who is renowned for the creation of the large and open world.

Website Authoritative Scan Metaitritics gets the highest score in history; game, and played the game Rockstar (marked by the yellow line) 5 seats, compared to Nintendo only in 3 seats.

▲ The red line for Nintendo games.

From the previous "Grand Theft Auto V" work, Rockstar has been silent for nearly ten years. For a game of the game; At present, a "sudden" composer can not say this one.

What sword did Rockstar destroy in the last ten years?

The story of the American people itself

Even if you do not play it, you must have heard "Fat kill".

Many children have a video game linked to the history of the American West, and this is the set of games that have been clarified.

Brothers, women, police, bounty hunters; robbery, revenge, gang fire; towns, pubs, big deserts … Although there are not many elements in these western films, but in the "Blood Kill 2", the pastor's time has been a Foreigner movement.

The back of the "Blood Kill 2" game was set up in the United States in 1899. A major era of development has come to an end and a new order has been slowly established.

The black soldiers liberated in the Civil War were free of charge; the women woke up on the streets to fight for voting; the soldiers who were disabled were heard on the streets; The changing changes have ever been everywhere.

For example, a female writer named Lilian Powell is a game. Unlike other pictures of weak women who are ill; showing West films, it's interesting from New York to the south end of the United States to run for women's voting rights. At an Art group, there is also a female member who will awaken it gradually. She put on clothes and put in to Arthur with Arthur. On the way she told Artair, "I found that the kitchen is not in my life."

In the game story, women are now waiting for the vase to be saved by the actor. They started their social careers quiz and their & # 39; participate in the main story and social activities.

"Blood Kill 2" provides the best shadow of this change.

▲ One of the most spectacular scenes of the game – the Yulong Restaurant was opened by Chinese emigrants.

Throughout its main character, Artair Morgan, the player can know the lives of American people.

You can watch a 10 minute full movie in the theater, to keep it clean, you must clean the bath in time; After a while, screw his gun with a gun oil to make sure the picture is ready; To collect a cigarette set Reminder card, get a post office to change money …

A game description on both sides of American life in 1899 was really and precisely, so that a catalyst mother could see catalysts of "Blood-kill" letters, and he said nothing to do. ; come up with the same thing.

▲ Web order order catalog, and the very popular postal order that American players appeared.

In addition to the damaged defect, the bloody world, you can become a normal citizen in the game. Watch the show, buy new clothes, go to the shop for a variety of bearded style, talk about love, listening to roadside scenes and storytelling.

This is the meaning of the open world.

▲ The film talks about the London subway.

Blood and Blood Kill 2 is the American story and "World World" website.

Way through in a natural natural environment

In addition to the profile of a social group of reasons, "Blood Kill 2" also added a renewal of the United States's natural environment.

Every time you open to & # 39; game, you feel that the inner nature is too real:

The stars are shining, and there is no light in the sky of the night. Players can only hear bugs and crush. When the day comes, the snow is melted on the ground a little, and the sky on each side will grow in the sky, and making people enjoy the sunrise.

As a day comes, the player can still see that the snow is small on the sailor's leather; burn small to water.

Seasonal changes will also open large and small flowers, and they will A mixture of spices and herbs can eat.

▲ Sunlight and sunset are worthy of respect.

In "Blood Kill 2", the player can even hear a sound, the sound of everything in the wild, and the sound of the Irish pipe from the opening of the camera. According to Rockstar Music Director, Ivan Pavlovich, there are over 200 animals, "Blood Kill 2", with a single voice.

In the Rockstar scene, they are all essential.

To allow players to bring full value to the natural natural environment, Rockstar went into the horse.

In other games, it may not be necessary to move between the two places to open the map and the destination to complete it. But in "Blood Kill 2", there are two thirds of their players who travel to their; destination.

Rockstar is running: to & # 39; look at the snow, and feel heavy in every footprint, and # 39; The horseshoe hills feel on the snowy snow, talk to the companions on the road, this is the most important thing.

As the best player for the player, the game has the game in the game so close to the car in Grand Theft Auto.

Although you can not change their coat, change the screen, and accelerate the nitrogen, you can help the horse to tie the ass, and also help the horse to; combing the hair and nourishing the horse to eat small biscuits and eatles.

When the principal dies, it is also a small rubbish that fails; take home home.

▲ But the horse was scared with a gun when it was eliminated.

Over time, the players and the horses grow deeper and deeper. So Weibo @Gu Xiaomao players have been captured by the mobs, and they have been committed to the techniques that we have. support the law and break their guns for their own pony.

The critics are called a game to this feeling in terms of taking place from a & # 39; look after the environment.

"The world is so lively and realistic, you'll be the project itself and it will be taken. After a few hours, you feel that the person has spread it." Although the media are entertaining Vulture's ideas are very famous, "Blood Kill 2 is the move that gives the players really the best.

Story behind

To make sure that each character has flesh and blood, all the details are very clear, Rockstar's sad efforts do not have an uncertain ambiance in the whole game business.

According to the founder of Dan House, "Blood Kill 2" only 2,000 pages of script are the main story. If you put up the spurrances and other conversation scripts, the paper is 8 feet higher (about 2.4 meters).

To add these big and small squad scriptures to the game, Rockstar 1,200 shifted gestures and recorded 2,200 days. You may not know what to do in a & # 39; opinion. In the Grand Theft Auto III, which was regarded as god, the capture took only 3 days.

There are 700 of these players who have lines.

▲ Players can feel that there are many NPC lines at a & # 39; game.

This type of split is rare even though the Hollywood strike builders. When "Blood Killing" was made, Rockstar became a company that employs the largest actors in New York.

"Even though there are no lines, there are 80 pages of scriptures – each is off," said Dan Hauser.

Perhaps for Rockstar, it's an artwork; in the first game, and then the product.

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