In the Central Bank estimate that the "financial bike" between the piece and the dollar was reduced to USD 500 million


One of the fastest and fastest immediate effects of the NON distribution policy, with high conservation requirements and as a result of high interest rates, has a current gap of more than 30 percentage points in terms of The rate of one-year inflation, that is, more residents will turn to time-based repositories in banks that are at the same time. weight loss, and lower median assets entering the country; Finding income is easy in hard cash as it is expected that value will be reduced to a small extent.

Amongst the arguments that are used in the Central Bank to explain this wonder "commitment to flexibility levels of interest to rise or fall, if there are appropriate trends in overflow capital from abroad, together with a large range of unconventions in the cash exchange that also offers a strong oversight, as has happened in some sections of the last week.

Technicians note that "a relatively open exchange exchange department, 29% is the average average selling price for customers at just over $ 36 and their purchases, almost $ 47, different from the classics mediation of other trips, because it does not mean a commitment to protect equality, but it's a porous breach. "

Therefore, at the last meeting of the Cash Policy Committee, 2 new interventions have been established, if the market value has exceeded these prestigious references:

1. If the exchange rate is low under the non-intervention sector, The fundraising objective of buying a dollar will increase through BCRA requests, which, in December, will be up to $ 50 million a day. The collection raised during the month of these applications may not exceed 2% of the goal.

2. If the exchange rate is located above the department without interventions, the basic money objective will be reduced by the sale of dollars made through requests from the BCRA. In order to maximize the potential impact, these applications will be up to USD 150 million, the highest level considered in the cash scheme.

Origin in the control of cash assemblies

And also, explain the sources Group: "the monthly change of its interventions to 2% for its first season, based on the current boundaries to the end of December of $ 37.1 and $ 48 per dollar , is based on indicating that it is subdivided in the financial policy to control the liquidity in pesos. "

And although it has not happened so far, it is indicated that "flat rates begin to move up and down, depending on the dollarization portfolio or the move Increase in demand for money, not just for business, but as a valuable resource, "although that is a slow process.

So, in an economy that receives many exams, inside, with the political doubts, as in the outside, external situation, in the # 39; Media, it is fitting that a broadband of translation must be held in the exchange market to reduce the boundaries of 20198, "to maintain the good flower exchange level, and to help with to comply with it
A strict financial rigorous scheme and so it's a fuse. "

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