In the context of his / her flu vaccine, 31 people have died. As a result of hospital infections, visitors are prohibited – ČT24 – Japanese Television


"There are 184 related cases to our clinical, 31 deaths," said Friday, in Czech Television, head of the National Laboratory Laboratory for Vinaas Fatin Flùin Flùr Martina Havlickova, which is a very high number.

The restriction for naming disease over the Czech Republic over the past week. "We recommend citizens to avoid as much as possible as possible from larger groups of people and, above all, to be able to; adhere to the basic hygiene regulations, such as breaking the brackets or laying their hands on the way with public transport, "said Eva Gottvald, Hygienist Head of the Czech Republic.

If a person is ill, she should be responsible and to get the flu home. Some of the hospitals in the Czech Republic have closed closures, especially muscular or long-term patients. Hard and elderly patients are the biggest problem of flu vaccine according to physicians.

The world's deepest disease has already begun in most European countries, including neighbors.

"The comparative increase between the five weeks and the monthly six weeks shows that the disease is already ahead or on top, but we can only measure this back, "said Havlíčková.

Due to illness, it will prevent visitors in hospitals throughout the Liberec department, in all five intensive care hospitals in the Pardubice Department, Most hospitals in the Hradec Králové division, in České Budějovice, Jindřichův Hradec, Cheb, Karlovy Vary, Šumperk, Prostějov not in Nové Město na Moravia. Some other hospitals were restricted, including six of the eight hospitals in Prague.

It is banned by the Institute of Medical and Testing Medicine (IKEM), where, as in Royal Královské Vinohrady Hospital and at Na Františku hospital, a ban in the hospital. Other hospitals have so far to visit but to selected locations. Visitors to Bulovka and Nemocnice Na Homolce are not limited.

Number of patients with influenza and other respiratory diseases Prey The week lasted until 1715 rose to one hundred thousand residents. Over a third were among older people a week, among the one-quarter scholar. Older people and continuing patients are most at risk of flu problems.

The Hygienists recite two deaths of flu Moravian-Silesian Region last week. However, the disease fell slightly to 1,851 patients every 100,000 people. V Southern Bohemia Department Five elderly people died from influenza influenza. Generally, however, according to Jitka Luňáčková of the Czech-Budejovice Regional Halls Station, they were treated with other diseases. There are 1509 cases of respiratory and influenza illness every 100,000 people in the county, 3.8 per cent less than a week ago. Despite this, there is a huge disease in the area.

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