In the Czech Republic, two independent trains begin to try for two years. They will help in the areas


the railway

The first test of devolution trains will be & # 39; counted in the Czech Republic within two years. The routes will be in 2025.

Czech transit companies are used in automotive rail transport. AŽD Praha's railway maker and road technology is currently establishing a partnership of companies with which it will be. go into the market for devolution trains. The joint venture is completed by the MSV electronics company, the iXpert software, and two or three companies. For the E15, it was said by Zdeněk Chrdle, Head of AŽD Prague.

AJD has been working on devolution trains for three years, but now the project is going well. So far, investments have been on the amount of crown millions, the AJD has recently jumped up.

"We plan a CZK 60 million cost (EUR 2.31 million) for three years, after which we want a completely absolute Czech and independent independent training," said Chlele. Their first test is & # 39; Non-passenger running and driver sites for 2020.

"The market objective of the Check is: customers who pass on regional, which are very economically difficult, at the same time that the trains do not have to turn, can go back and forth, which would be the greatest benefit, the price of the railway will be up, "said Chlele.

Passengers may start to carry Japanese self-contained trains from 2025. However, the current legislation does not allow the work to be drunk. As Jan Lerche, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of iXperta, needs over two obstacles. "These are the technical problems we are dealing with, and then the lack of legislation, and we will apply to the state that the Czech Republic can play the railway in this area," said Lerche.

Police keeper of traffic on 20.11.2018

section Type of vehicle and color
Bratislavský kraj There are 25 visits to designated police vehicles and a motorcycle and 10 unidentified police patrons
D1 Škoda Bòidheach brown, blue Audi
D2 Very good money
Senec area Škoda Fabia gorm
MA area VW Red Golf
PK area VW white golf
BA – city center Škoda Black-black black
BA – city center SEAT green Leon
BA – city center Škoda Fabia gorm
area MA, PK, SC VW Golf Blue
Trnavský kraj There are 10 patrols on political vehicles with leaflets and motorcyclists and 7 unidentified police patrols
Highway D1, Road R1 Audi A4 gray, Škoda Superb gray
Galactic area Black passat vw
Trnava area Škoda Supeb black
Skalica area Kia Ceed brown
TT County Black passat vw
Trenčiansky kraj 16 visits to police vehicles with leaflets and motorcyclists and 6 unidentified police patrols
Elevation D1 Audi A4 Money
Bánovce nad Bebravou area VW Golf black
Považská Bystrica and Púchov area Škoda Fabia gorm
Prievidza area Škoda Dark-brown dark
Trenčín and Ilava area Škoda Fabia gorm
Nitriansky kraj 20 football on political vehicles with leaflets and motorcycle and 11 unmarked petrol
Nitra and Zlaté Moravce area SEAT Leon silver, Škoda Super-green
Nové Zámky district Škoda Fabia blue, Škoda Very good brown
Area area Škoda Superb gray, VW Golf black
Komárno area Škoda Fabia blue, Škoda Octavia money
Topoľčany area Škoda Fabia gray, VW Golf black
Šaľa area Škoda Fabia gorm
Banskobystrický kraj Visitors will visit political vehicles with leaflets and motorcyclists and 14 unidentified police patrons
Banská Bystrica area VW Golf Golf, VW Green Golf
Brezno area What a white cee
Lučenec area Škoda White Fabia
Revúca area VW Golf black
District of Rimavská Sobota SEAT Leon Gray, Škoda White Fabia
Veľký Krtíš district What a white cee
Zvolen area VW White Golf, VW Passat 2x blue and black
District Žiar nad Hronom Škoda White Fabia
R1 KDI DO (BB Area, ZV, ZH, ZC) Audi A4 black, Škoda beautiful black
Žilinský kraj There are 14 patrols on designated police vehicles and motorcycles and 9 unidentified police patrons
Čadca area, Kysucké Nové Mesto VW Golf black
Dolný Kubín, Tvrdošín, Námestovo Škoda White Fabia
Liptovský Mikuláš district VW Golf Gray, Audi A4 Blue
Martin area, Turčianske Teplice VW Golf dark blue, VW Passat dark blue
Žilina district, Bytča Škoda Superb black, VW Golf black, VW Golf blue
Prešovský kraj 18 monitors political vehicles with leaflets and motorcycles and 7 unidentified police patrols
Elevation D1 Škoda Super-money, Blackbag, Audi A4 combi black
Prešov area VW Golf Blue
Svidník area Škoda White Fabia
Vranov nad Toplou area Škoda White Fabia
area of ​​Stará Ľubovňa VW Golf black
Košický kraj 16 visits to designated police vehicles and motorcyclists and 8 unidentified police patrons
Košice-okolie district Škoda Superb black, VW Passat red
Košice area VW Golf Black Variat
Michalovce district, Sobrance VW Golf, green, Škoda Fabia gorm
the Trebišov area Škoda White Fabia
Spišská district Nová Ves VW golf green
D1, R2, R4 Košice area; Košice – okolie SEAT green Leon

The change is dependent on the development of current traffic safety settings.

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