In the event of an emergency, Ronaldo sent a secret secret on the wedding day


Saturday, November 17, 2012 16:11 PM (GMT + 7)

Cristiano Ronaldo and her beautiful 10-year-old lover, Georgina Rodriguez, have shown clear signs that they are ready to go to; A yearly address of Alana Martina's beloved daughter.

Video Ronaldo to take a tennis ball that flies to the venues when they look at the ATP destination in London's brothers:

Cristiano Ronaldo lives in happy days. The 34-year-old Portuguese star has been fighting after a case that was recorded with his / her. Former model, Kathryn Mayor in June 2009 with the help of a lawyer.

Ronaldo's performance in the new Juventus shirt is just fine. 112 million eor of "Turin" has scored 9 visits and 5 subsequent recordings in 15 matches in Serie A and the European League of this season.

Emergency crisis case, Ronaldo will pass her & # 39; beautiful wedding secretly - 1

Reported Ronaldo was successfully married and recorded with the beauty of America Georgina Rodriguez

In the European Championship Championship in order to make a place for the series in the UEFA nations League and international friendly games, amazing information about Ronaldo's private life again.

People (Italy) have taken a unique picture of CR7 and her beautiful lover, Georgina Rodriguez's Spanish model, has recently joined our Our Lady Church. Turin and leaving her supporters outside her; car.

It is said that Ronaldo and her friends are coming to her. This famous cathedral in Italy to make the necessary procedures in accordance with the rules of the Christian wedding (where they are religious) before they officially marry their wedding. South Westerly

Ronaldo secretly decided to marry his wife - 2

Ronaldo and her lover will go to Our Lady of Turin church to prepare for the wedding service last year.

According to People, Ronaldo and Georgina's wedding can be held in the rest of the Ear in the last December Serie A. In particular, it may be after the Portuguese highlights, Juventus who welcomes Sampdoria at 18h30 on Saturday 29/12/2018 (Vietnam time) when it's about 19 – a & # 39; Last round in the first Seventh This season will turn East-

Ronaldo and Georgina went to the church of Our Lady of Turin, recited by the People's reporters, before arriving in London this week, where Correio da Manha Ronaldo has praised his sweetheart to praise under 10 years of age.

Other news reinforced "her husband" Ronaldo. The two well-known newspapers, The Sun and The Mirror, have embarked on a trip with her beloved in London, Ronaldo has praised. He also added the ring to Georgina Rodriguez for $ 787,608 (over 18.3 billion). The 24-year-old American has accepted the recommendation.

Ronaldo decided to marry her secretly

Ronaldo to buy the price of the ring "great" to make beautiful brothers

Correio da Manha also confirmed that Georgina Rodriguez had gone out for a wedding dress to prepare for her wedding with Ronaldo: "Cristiano (Ronaldo) Gio (close name Giorgina Rodriguez) praised and the wedding ceremony sure it's a bit, but it's just a bit familiar with it. "Even Gio even tried wedding dresses," – said the newspaper.

Both Ronaldo and Georgina have also celebrated a full year service for their daughter, Alana Martina, which turned 1 on November 13. Ronaldo bought two expensive wine vouchers at a cost of almost £ 31,000 for his friends and family to mark his child's meaningful event.

The biological mother Ronaldo, Maria Dolores Aveiro, earlier this year told the media that Georgina Rodriguez would be the future daughter-in-law.

Frustration: Ronaldo 15 minutes

Ronaldo does not give up the money for a ten year old girl and a new year-full daughter.

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