In the eyes of people to find fatal proteins, "zombies"


Scientists at the University of California in San Diego (SA) have discovered that prion protein – those that cause neurodegenerative diseases are fatal and unpleasant – able to gather in the eyes and be placed to people by replacing colonies. This is recited by the Science Alert publication, Day.Az reports by mentioning

The prototype is a special class of infectious agents that are an unusual structure of protein. They are able to reduce the conversion of normal prin membran protons in the same prince. The operating principle of these proteins is in memory of zombies from horrible movies, which enters healthy people into their own. As a result, a chain response, which has a large number of unusual molecules created. The last ones will connect together, & # 39; Creating amyloids – protein concentrations that make up the muscles and their; damaging damage. In Creutzfeldt-Jakob (spongiform encephalopathy) disease, the brain and other parts of the brain will be destroyed, which can be done. to the death of the patient.

Some prion diseases, for example, fatal, rural family mischief, others may be taken by eating sick animal meat or through smithy instruments. Scientists have shown that pruning can be found in the eyes of people with spongiform encephalopathy, but with no obvious signs. Inspectors examined the eyes of patients who died from Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease and found that principals were spread widely in the retina, a fungus, an extraordinary, flexible, lemon and lemon.

According to scientists, protocols come into the eye from the brain through the optic strengths. However, there is another situation that may also be possible when oats are returned or when a dirty instrument is used, go through the brain. Researchers believe that it is essential to develop measures to prevent printers to be able to; getting involved in a healthy patient during work

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