In the first installment in the Atacama Desert, he did not die without having to live


Researchers have found something very strange about the bitter insect sector on Earth, Atacama Desert. They said, as their new research suggests, in 2015, the microbanks were alive and completely transformed.

According to this, the co-author of this study, published in the Scientific Reports, Alberto Fairen from Cornell University, said in the statement "When the waters came to Atacama, we hoped for large fractions and wilderness to & "Still alive," But he faced the forehead and "we found that the water in the deepest heart of Atacama's Desert was caused to expire to Most of the native microbial species there. "

He said that people lived in hyper-dry soil before whiskey with up to 16 different species of microbiology, "and after the water" there were only two to four species of micro- sea ​​found in the mills. The event was extinct. "

The research team said that water is huge and highly in areas where multimillion millions of years are damaging to its & Most of the microbial species are on the surface, as these are especially adapted to survive in the unfortunate situations. According to the team, the rest of water will suddenly be inserted into a & # 39; adversely affects the operation of normal microbanks through a process called "osmotic shock".

Its first waterfall in centuries was at the heart of Atacama due to the changing momentum over its period. Pacific and after 2015 the same items were held on 7 June 2017.

However, this product has provided a broader way of exploring and understanding how microbial life has progressed on Mars, as many astrobiologists ask the surface of Atacama and Martian.

Earlier, scientists said that there is a complex history of global climate change and about 4.5 billion to 3.5 billion years on its red planet, it may have had much water over the surface the surface. But, year to year due to climate change, Mars moved into a planet like a wilderness. Even in several times, after 3.5 billion years ago, the interruption was broken due to large water discharges; fill sections on the surface.

The authors of this new survey, as a result of these events on the red planet, said that some of Mars's locations were the "amazing local ecosystem systems and converted to Increase the massive depletion of Mars and sub-ground after 3.5 billion years ago, has become more apparent at risk even stronger than we are recited here for Atacama microbirals, " and "the recyclable of wet water on Mars surface after the earliest times could have been contributing to local or regional ecosystems, rather than be an opportunity for life to grow again in the flood areas. "

Although he was describing the specimens collected by the Viking researchers, the team of researchers said, "The negative results may be found with the Viking board life search tools in 1976 was the simplest definition, in both confirmations, which gave examples to various waterproof solutions. "

"Any Martian cells could not be open to high water activity values ​​for at least millions of years, so the sampling and inclusion in the Viking tests would initially cause to & # 39; their osmotic breakdown, and then later destroy the organic molecules, "They added too.

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