In the first three quarters of registration, income and profits are doubled in the same period of the same period in 10 years. But a & # 39; This company was down in March next year钜 亨 网 – Taiwan Stock News


The latest management of the registered cabinets will be released today (20). In the first three quarters of the year (2018), the steady income of the registered cabinets reached 23 trillion yuan, up 9.37% annually; b & # 39; The prepayment yield is 1 trillion 889.2 billion yuan. Yuan, which grew 15.05% compared to last year; Whatever income or profit in the first three quarters, he hit a high level in the same period in the last 10 years. However, Yuk International (6131-TW) has not provided financial reports for two chairs and are afraid to go down in March next year.

The Priorities and Execution Commission stated that the registered company (including its first registered cabinet, without control of gold) should report 1,668 of Financial reports, except for the registered company, that Yuke International did not make the third quarter of this year. In addition to the financial report, its rest of the companies finished the news within the prescribed time term.

In respect of the performance of a registered company, the RMB 21.64 billion is the combined operating income for its & first three quarters, up 9.37% from the same period of the year; b & # 39; The RMB tax return profit is 157.56 billion, up 13.49%.

Zhang Zhenshan, former director of the Department of Priorities and Investment Bureau, said the strong demands for customers to apply a long term application in the electronic components industry, and their high and medium level production potential be profitable for growth; plastic industry due to oil prices Increased, higher prices have been taken forward and increased profit; The business expanded considerably due to market demand, higher levels of high quality products and higher prices of memory materials.

In performing its company, b & # 39; RMB 161.97 billion is the combined operating income in the first three quarters, up 9.4% from the same period of the year; gone; The total profit is RMB 143.6 billion, with a growth rate of 38.08%.

The business department of the company that has a " Growth, Security and Income Bureau, including: the spin-off industry continues to evolve as a result of a slim recycling demand, as a result of average unit price increases the increase in profitability was increased and selling; And some companies have completed the sale of shares to recognize the management interests; biotechnology business is driven by a list of new drugs and product licensing, and generally drive business profit growth.

In the first three quarters, plus its # 39; Yuke International (6131-TW) registered company, the third installment of seasonal costs was not issued as recorded. The rest of the companies finished the news within the prescribed timetable. Indeed, Yuke did not pay any salary from the second quarter, and the dealer failed to complete the campaign. Appointed, the FSC said that, unless it is corrected by February 17 next year, Yuke must go to the end of the market. March next year.

According to the Financial Management Association statistics, the companies that have been unable to deliver financial reports over three years have been Huamei, Bixiang and Taiyi.

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