On Friday, 36 pupils from Waldorf School in Asheville, North Carolina were confirmed by varicella. Parents of primary school parents are linked to one of the largest communities of vaccine activists in the area, because this school is allowing children to visit without speaking, telling their BBC. Of the 152 pupils, 110 vaccines were not made against varicella or watermelon.
"The worst thing in a oatmeal, which healthcare has been to remember from what is available, is" a spokesman for the Health Ministry in North Carolina said to the BBC. The school is now fully cooperated with local health authorities.

The Buncombe area, with more than 250,000 residents, including Asheville, which has the highest percentage of people in that state, by identifying beliefs, & # 39; avoid legal legal vaccination. "We feel that our parents are very encouraging to choose what's best for their children. We are not a school who discriminates on the basis of medical history or the health status of children , " the school spokesman explained. Local health authorities are now looking closely at the situation, and parents are in a position. warns that vaccination is the best protection against this extremely infectious disease.

In North Carolina, in the case of pre-school children, there is a mandatory vaccine against special infectious diseases, including varicella, and; measles and fluid are essential, but can be rejected for religious or health reasons.