In the group of friends who have a & # 39; trying to kill a homosexual dead, possession of property


On November 21, Tra Vinh Police Department reported that the investigation group was sentenced to the defendant, arrested Truong Tuan Kiet (19), Le Tuan Kiet (known as Bun, 18) Nguyen Thanh Tung (age 22, Ho Chi Minh City) to investigate "kill" behavior and "error"; Phan Thi Da Thi (20 years, lover Le Tuan Kiet, who lives in the province of Thin Thuan) on the "Fight of crime".

According to the survey group, its & # 39; This youth group, living on the street. In the beginning of November, his group visited a friend in the Chau Thanh district (Vhanhhh District). The days that lived here, sent her & # 39; A group of 4 young people spent all the money. During this time, Zhang Tuan Kiet knew Mr T.H. (47 years old, living in Tra Vinh), Mr H. to spend money and the two will raise gay relationships.

The only group of rape to kill a girlfriend, warning - Picture 1.

From left: Truong Tuan Kiet and Tung. Photograph: Police through Vinh

A master told the party that Mr H. has a lot of money, gold, car … at the same time the group expected Mr H. to be killed. Blade is specified and its & # 39; bringing the knife to Truong Tuan Kiet and Tung went into the victim, waiting for him; chance to make a case.

Group of people who are forced to get into & # 39; homosexual killing, delays - Picture 2.

Le Tuan Kiet. Photograph: Police through Vinh

Late afternoon 13-11, Tung and Tuan Kiet want to sleep in Mr H.'s room in Luong Hoa commune (Chau Thanh area). Accepting the warning that was posted; Tung on the victim, Tung Kiet gave a face to Mr H. face, as long as his knife was hooked. Mr H. was sorry to save both cases, opening the door to run away. Mr Tuan Kiet runs around 15 m and then the people were arrested.

Tung left the scene, he met Big Mat and Thi you should report on the event. During the night, the three will build their; car from Tra Vinh to Ho Chi Minh City. On November 15, the scrutiny authorities are arrested. The three are hidden in Ba Diem (this Mon area). She knows the behavior of her lover and her body, but he does not agree.

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