In the last minute: AFAD came from the sensitive earthquake descriptive


President AFAD Mehmet Güllüoğlu said:

"We are in contact with all the teams in the department. We have not found any negatives. This is a pleasant development. We keep up home info. We know that the two share their feelings from Marmara and Aegean. We continue on. "

Divisional Director AFAD Yilmaz said:

"We have not seen any vision, there was no negative position in our first team inspection now. We are currently making an emergency center associated with the earthquake at the Center Command 112
Master Ayvacik Mehmet Unal Sahin said they are working in the department with home teams.
Sahin, there is nothing saying, "according to the first decision, there is nothing. All of our teams are currently checking out the boundaries the earthquake continues. " he said.


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