In the last minute … Cem Özer: I had a funeral without death


Cem Özer's statements are as follows:
"My health is good now. Indeed, we had better days, but it's good, it's getting better everyday. We will continue to & # 39; we have a physical remedy. We have a hard time, but there is a charity in every ribbon. " I have to say, ığ I have to say that there are many people who have love. If you have someone you like, show him when he was healthy. I had lots of interesting days in that sense. Their eyes were full. The value of most items is not valuable.


The people I ever expected came, and the people I had ever thought of; after me, and I will not leave those people after that. Not only do I know people I know, but people I do not know. Did not come from Afyon, bacon from Kayseri, did not come from Trabzon? Brup from the chefs … Soups from the cooks, jamams … Good notes on all of them. As well as I can not count. This is very appealing.


I always said; We are a rural country with us. We love the dead, we will making the exhibitions at largest funerals. You play an image of a person and his / her; make your living name without death. I had that funeral before I died. I saw regret in the eyes of the income.

In fact, my wife and my daughter have suffered from the spell. I knew that my agent Banu was a good, warm person, but I have learned in this process how horrible she is. I understand that I have loved my cousin, as my brother, for years. We have drunk … Show your love before healthy people.

"I'm asking MEHMET ALI"

Mehmet Ali did not have a close relationship, but I've been thinking about how she woke up. I talked to his supporter. I said, "Leave it, keep your hand." I hope it comes to it as soon as possible.

"I went to that door."

Those in intensive care can hear and hear everything. "I went, I died," I said in intense care. I just remember it right now. Let me go. "Oh, something beautiful, we got rid of everything, out of trouble. I'm spending time with my parents now. That mind is thinking. But I then heard my wife and the girl tell me something. They stayed with me for 5 minutes, but it seemed like an hour. Then I said: I know what you are doing. : doing, you're going, but they're on the ruins, then I got up. I went to that door and I went back from there. I did not see a white light ever.

"Never Leave MEHMET ALI

So, leave Mehmet Ali's head. Whatever he prefers, let him. We did not have the chance to talk to you for a long time. I have no problem in my legs. I'm on my way here.


The soldier met at this event. I run, there is a slip. The girl in the movie let down there, and the girl will revenge me. I have to fall in that slip. There is a way that is not established there. The director & Cem said jumps here & # 39 ;. And I said, "Your, but let's take care of us." He had sticks and branches in the pit. I said, "Let's let them go." The director said, "No, I'll go to; going to kill this scene. & # 39; They did not pick up that fish. I went into the pit. I worked the next day and I was working the next day. It may have had a broken bone, a woven device, a volatile repellent. I am the right choice. They gave me good attention here. I enjoy this happy day for now. I've been here 42 days. Now, I'll use double stunt. I mourn my house and I'm sorry. going home tomorrow. "

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