In the last minute: oil fell sharply, the dollar dropped to 5.23!


With the expectation that OPEC and other representative countries would increase the supply in October, oil prices rose to $ 77 with oil and 87 bucks rising to the top of the last 4 years. So far, the dollar dropped to 5.22 today. With an interest of 1.30 per cent, a Turkish Lira came to an end in August and paid the money that was going on. it was a valuable benefit. Borsa Istanbul received 1.5 per cent.

It is lower than the value of 5.30 psychological effects when the back of the dollar has severely broken down. Only the dollar fell, Borse Istanbul received 1.5 per cent. In particular, the increase in THY sections, Petkim and the Air Force attracted. Petkim increases more than 4 per cent, and up 2% of the POC shares by 2% to 3.5 percent.


The initial exchange was to reduce the $ 4 billion original due to a heavy price oil drop to release newsletters from its pocket for the current defaults account in Turkey on Friday to 10 Percentage of energy in which all movements have finally fallen into price oil. With us to keep us; sanctions on Iran through the energy sector, news reported that the production quota across Saudi Arabia had accelerated the reduction in prices.

A daily representation of 10 million barrels of S. Arabia expanded to 11 million barrels, and its construction was expanded. believes that supply is larger than demand, and oil prices fell over 5 per cent on Friday. Although Brent oil fell under a 60 dollar level, raw oil fell to a base of 50 dollars and all jobs were erased throughout the year.


OPEC and other delegation countries will meet in Vienna on 6 December and meet a supply cut. It is expected that Russia will take other countries to enter for supply cuts, and prices are estimated to be around $ 70, while Saudi Arabia has a long time. Supporting supply cuts, but increasing.

Saudi Arabia's claim for the murder of Cemal Kaşıkçı is alleged that the United States will work in accordance with this application. Experts say that Saudi Arabia wants the oil to be cut, but it may not be possible to take part in decisions because the US is restricted.


1-Develop relationships with the US and the EU

2-Banks will regenerate the synthesis, and finally Vakıfbank joins her & her; caravan

3-Turkey liberation from Iran's sanctions

A 4-monthly decline in current census deficit

5-FED will reduce the probability of increasing interest in the range

6-The increase in its potential for AK Party and MHP as a stand for local elections


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