In the middle of uncertainty for staying in the UDI, Jaime Bellolio is a " appear in the Evópoli pattern


The electorate was part of the "Operation Childhood" launch, led by Felipe Kast, where 200 students of university and technical training centers that begin today at La Araucanía will be Working with over 300 wounded children.

In the middle of the uncertainty for the future Jaime Bellolio in Uadha within the UDI following the impact of Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe as a party president, today the applicant for the area of ​​the Metropolitan Department 14 Amazing pattern of Evópoli.

Bellolio was part of the launch of "Operation Childhood", run by Evobolis de Evópoli, Felipe Kast, where there will be 200 university students and technical training centers; Starting today at La Araucanía to work with more than 300 wounded children. The Vice President Francisco Undurraga also participated in the meeting.

"We want to increase the challenge first and foremost in this intervention in La Araucanía, the department that focuses on the largest number of children The most vulnerable in the country is our aim of fighting drugs and crime through sport, music and culture through workshops that reinforce skills in the children of the area to empowering them and removing them from this scoring, "said Kast.

When he was attending the Evópoli pattern, Jaime Bellolio explained that "this is an invitation made by Felipe for me. It is the truth that it is for myself and me the different social responsibilities we have received at our university time, including our College, which we have made for politics. That has led us to make a decision that we wanted to share our time, our life and conviction to the public. "

It should be remembered that the president of the UDI, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, would be held in the recent meeting by Javier Macaya, the leader of the loss list in the elections and the opponent to the person- director; at present, it was recognized that Vice-applicant Bellolio was one of the subjects dealt with in post.

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