In the military law zone: raid in trains, "the script is out of her" zone "and locked schools


KP in Ukraine has examined the difference between the life of Ukrainians in the "military" and "peaceful" areas.

From 28 January, the presidential order should include the enforcement of military law. And this means in ten areas of the country (Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Odessa, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia, Chernihiv and Sumy) the military law system will work for 30 days. It does not appear in practice – no one can say.

Local authority action algorithm, security forces and law enforcement officers are also ordered in Kiev. In the interim, on the ground, they are wondering how to put them current in a so tough, important document. Such uncertainty provokes a disorder and a & # 39; increasingly frightened. And there's something for fear.

A prescribed order can be supported by the Verkhovna Rada 12 (!) The constitutional rights of Ukrainians are restricted: from the right that the home is incapable and liable to work and education. Democratic nature of many political processes in the country is also at risk.

"KP" in Ukraine ", along with experts, demonstrated how the law on the introduction of military law will affect the lives of Ukrainians who live on either side of the document.

What is your purse?

The military law system defends freedom of freedom. Experts call several options for achieving this limit.

– And he can do checks. For example, the police of travelers on Kyiv-Kozyatin's electricity train at the Vinnitsa area can be proven to selectively: documents and personalities. Something similar to control when it goes beyond the state boundaries – a & # 39; praised lawyer Ivan Lieberman. The choice of resort points is not placed at the entrance to these areas and the prohibition of traveling outside the "military" area for the people who live there.

Travel communications

Residents of 10 areas can have difficulties with mobile communications. The state's authority is to block the mobile signal in these areas or in individual areas.

– And if there is an appropriate order of the security forces, it is essential for mobile operators to shorten the signal in the area for a short time. So, a Vinnitsa mother can not go to a student girl in Kiev. In the same way, with social networks. They can be blocked, says Tatyana Yarosh lawyer. – The secret of mail, including e-mail, was deferred.

It is another risk that a curfew is put. "At the local level, it will be set at a time when everything in town should be locked and after that time you should not go out. Indeed, with concerts, shows, fèisean, you may have to wait. They can be deferred, "Lieberman.

Schools and universities

The law may be restricted to "the right to education." What does this mean?

– In a military attack case, training in all universities, schools, nurseries are constrained for uncertain time. And the building is given to the military administration needs, – says lawyer Tatyana Yarosh.

Enter your tuple

Political scientists tend to believe that the military law system will not affect ordinary citizens as much as politicians, especially challenges to the current president, Petro Poroshenko. Abduction behind the law, it is possible to focus significantly on the pre-election actions of the challenges.

– We understand that the elections have already started. All applicants carry out a range of tasks. The majority of Poroshenko's opponents are experiencing; trying to raise the level of criticism of current and current authorities; count on a wave of large campaigns. With their help, the movement of their own election station is moved. And here in the priority areas, the applicants are advised that we will not allow us to take place before New Year's Eve, we do not allow your food behaviors, we will not allow pipers, even pillows up, "said political analyst Vitaly Kulik on his Facebook page.

A story similar to political campaign leaflets. Theoretically, after the introduction of the EaP, any brochure can be considered by the authorities as an attempt to throw out the government, working to imply an inappropriate political situation within the country, and followed by an administrative and criminal penalty.

"There is a danger that potentially damaging causes can cause public bodies to be closed to the authorities to close, a number of organizations will be registered," said the person- political science, Ruslan Bortnik. – But does Poroshenko perform tasks so hard? Well. After that, that authority will mean an increase in the number of assistants of the same Tymoshenko, Boyko …

According to the political inspector, Konstantin Bondarenko, Poroshenko's armed forces were involved in the president. Poroshenko's electoral division was not in the eastern regions of the country (they were directed on Yuriy Boyko and Yulia Tymoshenko), and after the introduction of the EaP, there was a last risk to & # 39; falling down the stability.

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– Stay calm! Under armed law, corruption schemes, breach-breaking, bribes are preserved.

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At the request we made, the officers held an education program for people who lived in areas where the law of law is introduced on Wednesday morning.

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