In the Mohammad Ramadan concert there was a crisis in the city.


Suggestions for leaving places

The concert of the artist Mohammed Ramadan ended on Thursday night, and was evident in the final stages of the festival which was attended by a number of participants in the session who sponsored the event. group «Musica» and the organizer at the show Nabil Swissy.

The crisis of the concerts began with multiple problems between the organizer Nabil Swissi and the Mzika trust company, represented by Mohammed Mohsen Jaber due to differences in opinion between the desire of both of them to control organization the service.

Secondly, the most important problem, taught by Al-Masry Al-Youm, is that the tickets for all the sell-out sale, inspired by Ramadan, have not been used to reduce the ticket price by half.

Third, there are problems in the sound engineering in the rehearsal. Director Yasir Sami, who manages the concert, is confused in the reviews and reviews.

At fourth place, a member of staff was transferred to the hospital to be brought out when equipment for lighting and sound was installed.

A fifth year, showing tension and anxiety on Mohammed Ramadan after the conflict between the company and the regulator.

On the other hand, the ceremony starts with a motorcycle show, followed by Ramadan, who decided to put the two cars in front of the theater.

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