In the Moy Way, the Earth could find a deadly galaxy


Scientists have said that there is something that is potentially dangerous to the solar system in our solar system.

The maker of the 2XMM triple system J160050.7-514245. The object was found using a huge telescope (VLT) ESO, and is approximately 2.4km from Earth.

This star system terminates its life, and it's going to end it. extracts much of cosmic dust, excavated into the wires with a powerful powerful wind due to the rapid distribution of star star. It is estimated that the speed of the soldier winds in the system is around 3400 kilometers / s, and the doors themselves own; extended at a distance of about 570 km / s.

It looks like to & # 39; Spreading hot stuff is wrapped into a beautiful curly like a snake. It is for its special appearance that the triple system has been named as Apep, in honor of the ancient Egyptian mythical snake.

According to stars, dance system stars will move as soon as & # 39; and that they divide each other and have a great supernova explosion. Such breakdowns can threaten star systems in close proximity, and often a black hole is created instead. If our solar system is located in an extremely wind-resistant radiation wind path, the Earth will damage its defensive ozone envelope, and destroy all its lives. But according to the enumeration of the stars, this will not happen sooner.


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