In the new season's Formula One, the point for the quickest journey


Last year, Valtteri Bottas put its fastest seven laps. Picture: Reuters

Praise he is They have recently accepted the Council мотоспорт at Fiibut today it is he is it was also confirmed by the strategic formation of Formula one, as well as the umbrella representatives, that there are representatives in terms of competition management and teams.

The new regulation has two restrictions: the cyclist must reach the fastest race of the race at the end of the race for the top ten. he is he shall be entitled to an additional point, and also count the point in his team's beneficial amount, unless he receives any penalty on the race.

"This means there will be a further 21 points during the season. Undoubtedly this sense will mean a different strategy and strategies for the racers of first time., " he is based on the novel FIA.

Bottas I would finish two places higher
If such scoring was introduced last year, second driver would get most of Mercedes Valtteri Bottas. last year he is he had seven quickest jaws, seven more points, instead of fifth, two places would be higher because of the SP (247 points), because he would pass Max. Verstappna (249) and Kimija Räikkönena (251).

Introducing the scoring for the fastest tour is not as cutting-edge, as from 1950 to 1959 the points for those achievements were already realized. In 1958 you are he is Michael Hawthorn he also influenced the title as a hero through this regulation since then he is At the end of the season, he had only a starting point for his companion Stirling Moss, and in the season he had two best laps in the race.

The new season will start at the weekend in Melbourne.

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