In the nine months, Cinkarna Celje created EUR 134.03 million sales finances


In the nine months, Cinkarna Celje created a sales revenue of EUR 134.03 million, which represents a 6.7% reduction per annum. The decline is due to the high level of global disaster and the economic decline in the economy, company, at that time total profits up 10 per cent to 27.9 million.

The generated income is 10 per cent lower than expected. A retail value of 116.3 million spores at the time, which is six percent less than in a. first nine months of last year, reciting from Cinkarna Celje on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange website.

In the meantime, net profits were created over plans, with 14 per cent. Operating profit fell by 6% to EUR 33.48 million annually.

In the first nine months, 139% of the planned money was spent on investments in fixed assets

Zinkarna, as they wrote, did not have any bank debt at the end of September, while investments and cash in the accounts amounted to EUR 34.9 million, which is 16.4 per cent more than at the end of the June.

"The productivity and utility of its company is always within the best and designed stages,"they said in the company and said:"The Governing Board is deemed to have a work done; company, including settings to & # 39; market and / the decline in the department's activity, suddenly very well and slightly above the eyes for nine months. "The company's managers were familiar with their business on Tuesday.

In the first nine months of 2009, Cincarn received 139% of all the planned assets for fixed assets and 19.3 million euros were set for investments. Most of the investments are related to innovation for quality improvement, capacity building, environmental impacts minimization and ensuring operational safety in energy and production.

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