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"New from town and country" he says from December 12 on ORF: There's more Crime Crime and "comedies city" on the program. "This country can tell amazing stories," said ORF's program director Kathrin Zechner at the show on Monday with the five films and looking at the same time as the future. "I am very keen to continue this visit."

15:03, November 26, 2018


Four years ago, the first "Landkrimi" ORF over the screen with "The Woman with the Shoe". And the regional seats are definitely made to the audience, since then there were not all types of raid cases for a solution between Vorarlberg and Burgenland, but the bandwidth was expanded. In the "home comedies" there is often laughter, and even in the cinema, as "Harri Pinter, bastard" in the previous year was very successful. Now, Juergen Maurer is allowed to be sprayed as a KAC crest over his own tune on television.

"The book is not printed," Maurer laughs in a conversation with journalists about the story written by Stefan Hafner and Thomas Weingartner. "It's an age-old comedy with a 50-year-old man trying to escape from the servant." So, it does not mean mentally challenging when left by Harry Pinter Klagenfurt, who was a ice hockey player and the driving tutor and now U12 suddenly, his companion. "This effort is made in every innocent." In the process, its character "is pulled out of the ground under the feet". As it corresponds it will be on 29 December.

Thomas Stipsits in the same name comedy is also given (22 December): based on the novel by Daniel Glattauer, Given the sad journalist and Alcol Gerold Plassek, who is in St. Pölten, "WG" 14 years old. Co-operatives "and a professional who came in with a secret secretary. The last result was happy with the author." I would not be here, "he smiled Glattauer at his quest. "Indeed, I like the material, but I think it's a good translation, everyone wants their films to be made in a movie, but not No one is very happy with her. result. "The first director Daniel Prochaska appears first and most with a wonderful sense of time and all kinds of strange thinking.

Geradliniger, on the other hand, is the introduction to regional filming: the "roller coaster" (12 December), the screenwriter Rupert Henning and the director Wolfgang Murnberger have a & # 39 ; placing their main actor, very funny. As a polygonous polygonal police officer, and his son is to be placed on the door suddenly, Tobias Moretti is happy to be very tough, but he is also familiar with how you can prove intermediate media. For Murnberger, the father-son relationship is essential, as well as the work done in the red light and organized crime, because it is about "how it will pass the emotionally , he can not make hunting. " It was interesting for him to put this child down he does not want, there are parents who can not do it – and you must admit that. "

The "Grenzland" (15 January) typically deals with social issues: For this reason, brigitte's mother-in-law team and Marvin Kren were appointed as top actors and leaders, intending to kill a girlfriend, a & # 39; abolish the speech debug and the refugees. "She is a very sophisticated person with her own, but he has amazing ideas," Brigitte Kren describes her profile as a senior director, checking their case and does not have a & # 39; give her opinion well. "Initially, I thought: such as Funk populist fun, right, I can not play!" But indeed, there is not much here as it first appears.

In terms of character development, Maria Hofstätter and Miriam Fussenegger can steal a steam: because the second thing, "The Dead in the Lake" (19 December) is the second case – no more In detail, the continuation of "The Dead at the Pool" (2015), "When it was said that it should be translated, I already wanted to get some meat on my bones," said Hofstätter. "In the first best filmmaker, he was the researchers, and so we did our job, this time we got a more personal story."

In any case, the five films are usually attempted to spread local colors without using cooked clichés. Indeed, its language has a key role, as it focuses on Zechner. "There is no need for a sound title in rough dialects – although they can be, but they are the music of the country, and every language that has a tune himself. " The cinematic tour was already on the way to Southland, and future projects could go over the border, said the director of his / her. program. "Maybe live in and die at Balaton & # 39 ;."

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