In the presence of hospital journalists, in response to healthcare news


The attack was held on private Sunday morning
TVheller Sohel Rana and Cameraperson Nazmul Hossain Saimon.

Wardabai Hospital This is under the direction of Asif
Sohail Rana has said that the attack was made.

In this event, a general diary (GD) in Mugda thana
There are several groups of journalists who have filed a penalty for this event and punishing those who are responsible.

Senior Sheikh Hasina recently in the workplace
Give your doctor a warning without being there. Then several media ranges to different hospitals
Give the position.

Tell Sohel Rana for
When the information is collected at Mugda Hospital, the director of the hospital blocked the director
It was requested to obtain permission.

"When he went to the leaders' room, he was with journalists
He said, "Due to the reporters, the Prime Minister has tired the doctors,
No journalist can enter the hospital.

"After that we went out of hospital to the patient
And hospital staff are blocked from returning to their relatives' report. One
Wardaboyera Level Invasion of Asif, Wardby, was saying to me, 'You are here
What do you do? It was refused to report. And then I started to kill him
At one level, I dropped myself to our car. A lens broke out on camera
Clì. "

Mugda's Auditor (Operations) Masudur said
Rahman told, "The GD has taken place in the attack of journalists.
We started the event. If there is evidence of the event in the study, the witnesses will be responsible
Legal actions will be taken. "

Insert journalists to collect information
Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) refused the event and complained. President of the organization
Ilias Hossain and general secretary Kabir Ahmed Khan commented that the attack was free from the media
Improving and impeding independent journalism.

Identify the attacks quickly and test
They urged executing law enforcement agencies and those worrying authorities.

President of Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) Abu
Zafar Sun and Secretary General Sohel Haider Chowdhury currently identified the invaders
Appeals penalty

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