In the SDH Administration, Andrej Božič and Boštjan Koler


Ljubljana, November 22 – The Board of Directors of the SDH appointed Andrej Božič and Boštjan Kolerja as new members of the Board of Directors. Its first term will start on 21st January next year, the second one on December 1 this year. As of December, this will terminate the mandate of the Board of Directors, Vanesse Grmek.

By appointing two members, the Board of Directors managed the SDH management led by Lidija Glavina. After a temporary member of the board of directors, Andrej Bertoncelj, was appointed to appoint a finance minister and after leaving Nada Drobna Popovič in June, Grmekovo court is in charge of the administration, and is said to be a three-party court.

Ekonomist Božič is the senior manager of Steklarna Hrastnik, and Koler lawyer acquires extensive knowledge of banking operations.

The directors were also familiar with the implementation measures of the tourism strategy and information about the Sava company.

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