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According to the latest statistics from TrendForce Research Institute of TrendForce, the highest-ranked 10 IC design companies in the world have their revenues and their rates in the third quarter of 2018, benefiting from Netcom grew, data centers, goods and electronics equipment. The IC performance of IC designers has risen compared to the same time last year, and only Qualcomm has fallen slightly. There were 3 Taiwanese designers, such as MediaTek, Lianhe and Ruiqi, benefiting from the demand for stocking in the user's electronic season, and the third season performed well. MediaTek has appeared from the second quarter since the second quarter. It grew 3% in the same period last year.

Yao Jiayang, superintendent of the Tuoba Business Research Institute, has announced that Qualcomm has launched five market-led projected materials by the end of the third quarter. The product strategy is very positive, although the result is achieved, the amount is comparable to the same time last year. It has grown too, but it still influences how the healthy growth of a mobile phone is spread worldwide, means third-quarter revenue and third-year revenue decline in prices compared to the same period last year.

The level of growth of the third-quarter NVIDIA income growth; Best, how games, professional vision, data center and vehicle claims continued to rise strongly, with data center income up 65.3% anniversary. The best.

After Marvell completed the cavalry of Cavium on July 6 this year, a third of his income was higher than Xilinx, the sixth rate, and gave the income his place to grow 28.2% compared to the same time last year, the only one to NVIDIA.

Monitoring the performance of Taiwan IC design companies in the third quarter, Yao Jiayang stated that MediaTek was " Continue to change the & # 39; her product ports, along with the production of 12 nanometer process materials, and strengthening the cost structure of its process, and its output. make the third season income compared to the same time last year. %, its huge chocolate was of the benefit of it; reaching 38.5%, writing a high table for the one-quarter total edge of 2016. The market welcomes single-purpose and system-specific products. company, especially because of the growing global TV market. In China's Netcom market and the beautiful traditional season, Realtek's third-season revenue increased by 7.9% compared to the same time last year.

Looking forward to the & # 39; fourth quarter and next season of the next year, Yao Jiayang believes that although Qualcomm has embraced a productive strategy that is relatively active for RF transceiver parts, equipment engineering and internet content Required for smartphones, can smartphone market slower? The impact of growing decline in growth is still to be seen. Although the demand for smartphones is to also affecting MediaTek, after almost a year of change to the jobs and the variety of products, it has embedded into a sustainable development phase.

In terms of the AMD 7-nanometer process, a new TSMC and GPU CPU should be able to view it in server markets and data centers; NVIDIA is the highest level of revenue employment in the third quarter. However, due to the fact that the cardboard cards are not expected to grow as expected, due to the lack of total financial performance as expected. As the majority of the Gaming market NVIDIA income in the third quarter, a game graphics card income generated almost 60% of the total, Mineral market demand impacted on the third quarter, & # 39; Go to Pascal's mid-stage game graphics. Exit the situation, and then to & # 39; dealing with timetable problems. Therefore, NVIDIA is essential to shorten the shortest time to market the new generation of graphics cards based on Turing-based games more easily in the market. Over time to be & # 39; Abolition, NVIDIA income performance can be bad, NVIDIA in the short term. You should change the time.

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