In the town of Primorska North, they got a white powder pass



One of the towns in the North Primorska opened a letter letter in the morning, where the white powder did not know. The police are already carrying out the actions set out in the protocol.

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Shortly after 9 m, the Nova Gorica Police Department was issued on white dust dust. A member of a member of the North Primorska opened a letter from which the "unidentified" white powder was opened.

In connection with this security event, actions are operated under a special protocol, and a & # 39; communication with PU Nova Gorica. & # 160; People notified to & # 160; 353, that is, they are remote, like the police and the police newSeparate offenders have sufficiently protected the buildings. At the end, as well as the crimes # 160; police & # 160; and & # 160; area & # 39; Nova Gorica in the Nova Gorica area also has service & # 39; other relevant; & # 160; fire fighters, & # 160; members of & quot; civilian & quot; & & gt; & & gt; & & lt; & apos; & apos; & apos; & apos; Expert & Lt; RTI ID = They carry out the activities planned at those events. The "Mybiology and Immunology Service from the Department of Medicine in Ljubljana" also came to the place. & # 160;

In the last few months, we have recorded a "dust dust" in Slovenia, the three suspicious things were sent to the parliament.& # 160;

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Shortly after 9 o'clock, the Nova Gorica Police Directorate was given about the service with white powder. A worker at one of the towns in the North Primorska district opened a letter envelope since the white gunpowder did not know.

In connection with the security event before, activities are currently being carried out according to a specific protocol, they still interact with PU Nova Gorica. There were people who were in contact with a remote office, and police officers and offenders in New York had a " insufficient insurance for home buildings. In addition to the police and criminals from the PU Nova Gorica area, there are also other capable services; firefighters, civil defender members and a GPU anti-defense expert. They carry out the activities planned at those events. The staff of the Institute of Minor Biotechnology and Physiology Department arrived from Ljubljana to the place as well.

Over the last few months, we have recorded recordings with white powder in Zenya, and three suspicious invitations were sent to parliament.

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