In the UK, the girl was nodding the video show


Video shows about the event in social networks and made a controversy

The girl's behavior on display was disturbing the audience. Picture: pixabay

The girl's behavior on display was disturbing the audience. Picture: pixabay

When the British morning show was circulated regularly, this morning came with a twin, Adele and Matt Allen. They tell them that they allow their sons and daughters to be so independent & # 39; as possible: not to go to school, and also go to bed at any time. In addition, the parents agree not to ' vaccine and not seeing doctors, The Mirror statements.

Parent-engineers have already come to their program in 2016. Then their daughter started the audience, began to start; going straight in the center of the studio. The child's mother said she was spoiled by the audience's response to the event: she was sure something funny had happened.

This time, his program host, Philip Scofield, was aware that his / her. Children "behave well", but webmasters gave attention to a little girl sitting on the sofa and his / her; up her nose.

Netizens noted that they would never allow their children to carry their behavior like this on the air.

Remember A powerful pop star failed on the show under the stage: there was a videoSub-British Singer Gemma Collins introduced her unpleasant story as she was at the Show TV festival. In addition, Live live on live televisionSouth Westerly The American television producer, Sean Hanniti, shot an electric guitar in the air, and all the spectators saw it. The fact that the request did not go to the report was correct at the right time, and the moderator remained in the # 39; framework.

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