In the United States, he was the best film of 2018


In the United States, he was the best film of 2018

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The green book is the best film name of the year.

The director got the bookmarks Peter Farrelli. The leaders were appointed by the advice of US film makers.

The National Council of Film Writers has identified the best tape of the year there. The film was led by director Peter Farrelli. About this Date writing.

In the species, the best actor and best actor affected Viggo Mortensen and Lady Gaga. Mortensen played the driver and body guardian of the physician Don Shirley in his / her; Green Paper. At the same time, Lady Gaga played the place of a singer in the film The Born was Born.

And Bradley Cooper's best leader identifies his film. Star was born

A winner was also named in the Best Animated Film category. Critics have identified that the Incredibles 2 leader.

Earlier it was reported that observers were the best film of 2018. It was selected as part of Choice & People's Awards.

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