In the United States it introduced the Rivian R1T electric pickup with four engines up to 750 cp, a 180 kWh battery and a price tag of $ 69,000


In the United States it introduced the Rivian R1T electric pickup with four engines up to 750 cp, a 180 kWh battery and a price tag of $ 69,000

The American automated disaster Rivian Automotive published his first electric carriage, the R1T Rivian, in the form of a popular pick selection in the United States at Show Auto Los Angeles. The model was capable of surprising not only the design, but also the technical features.

The most prominent design element of the Rivian R1T is an unusual LED light, which includes not only the main eyes and nobles, but also a flat element as well as its; face panel. Not only is the pickup icon more interesting and is another part of the road light, but can also be used as a signal to operating methods (for example, it will light up green when it is to cost batteries).

Depending on the shape, the R1T Rivian is the five-fifth five seat, four-door open source for large-scale transport. If you want, you can install a pair of tourists there, which is not surprising because the maker has a location; electric vehicle is the best solution for green tourism.

All-wheel drive-wheel cars are based on a flat-level flatboard platform, where there is a huge battery pack in the & # 39; middle part and a different electric motors for each wheel are used for driving. Each engine thus energizes up to 147 kW, the total power can be between 300 and 562 kWh depending on the draft of the electric carriage.

Buyers have the chance of one of three battery capacity options – the lowest 105KWh minimum volume of 370 km (230 miles), an average of 135 kWh – a 480 km (300 mile) and up to 180 kWh – a 640 km (400 mile) power reserve. Electric vehicle batteries will support a fee with up to 160 kW at high tax stations or with a power of 11 kW from a household electricity grid.

The power conversion with a lower battery capacity is 300 kW (560 Nm), it will get its & # 39; first 100 miles in 4.9 seconds. The average version of 562 kW (750 pp) was obtained, the time at 1120 Nm and the acceleration time for the first "hundred" in 3.0 seconds. The maximum power was obtained of 522 kW (1120 Nm time) and an acceleration period of 3.2 seconds.

The width of 5475 mm (wheel size 3450 mm), a width of 1710 mm and a height of 1815 mm is a weight of 3470 kg. Passengers can carry 800 kg and bring them to 5000 kg. Behind her chaba is a special 350 liter lock for long loaders, including snowboards, golf clubs and other sports equipment (and not so). The corridor margin can be used as a step to attract more to & # 39; facility on the block or on the # 39; the summit. In the installed house tools open, the underground hill is used as other stock.

Electric Rivian R1T is equipped with a complete set of sensors, including GPS sensation, cameras, radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensation for a 3-degree devolution movement. Software from the system can be updated to "over the air" (over the air). The driver's cabinet has three-inch inches 15.6 inches, 12.3 inches and 6.8 inches, which are used to control the electric car.

The cost of the electric R1T Rivian runs from $ 69,000 for its & # 39; at least to $ 100,000 for the highest version, start of sale in late 2020.

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