In the video Youth 1, Águilas 1: Matias the Shark saved!


Monologically a & # 39; first half, but unhappy. Young people can not find ways to hurt injury and give them some clear choices.

The second part of the & # 39; Shark. Sambueza's goal was and Teo & # 39; in the legs, but he failed in the final sound.

The coach Luis Fernando Suárez used the talent of Matías Fernández. Sons were introduced and started looking for a partnership. Younger people got more control, but the last quarter of the court was not yet clear.

It was the ultimate goal; at the time of keeping a watch on protection. Jader Obrian took advantage of the death of Gabriel Fuentes in his mark and took a cross-attack that did not go wrong. He can control the guardian Sebastian Viera. No wonder the scoreboard!

Thereafter the conflict will change its strategy. He spent himself defending with 11 men to burn, of course, long and last; as possible to make the game incapable. The young man had to fight against that and against the face of a fragile referee's decision that started off; cut game more than it was.

Everything has been taken for her first visit to the semester. The games that were present at the Metro & # 39; to see what was her & her; On the court, until the & # 39; Mati. In the second one, the Cells put the network into, and # 39; generating general productivity in the centers, which ended its identification of its output; bound as if it would be an advantage.

Minutes by minute

First time

4. President of the Victor Aquino, free of marker, at the free out of the envelope, is a real issue in the truth. Young people saved!

25. Marlon Piedrahita Center and Sambueza play, which the visitor visits to & # 39; tour. First way of the & # 39; Shark

35. Alert center Sebastian Hernández and a picture of Serje, the first, who goes over to her; bow. The eagles are saved!

Second time

4. Sambueza receives a pass from Sebastián Hernández inside the area and his / her. causing a barrier, which affects the direct route, before the guardian's silent remnant comes. The eagles are saved!

11. Luis Diaz leaves the aims to Teo, who will bouncing, hooking and dragging a barrier, which is a refusal of the keeper. The rojiblanco rooster is drowned once more.

15. Free throwing with Matías Fernández and hitting her & # 39; golden spin. A first member that is & # 39; influencing the midfielder of Chile after he got into.

23. The Defender Willer Ditta is banned, & # 39; coming out of the corner's beat, but whose appearance is about humanity of a defender and his / her; going to beat the corner.

31. Eagle cause. Jáder Obrian is winning by her & # 39; moved to Fuentes and retrospecting, guardian's reply Sebastián Viera failed.

33. Víctor Cantillo distance distance, which is near the vertical level.

39. It was organized by Teófilo Gutiérrez, who organized an interesting part of Juan Valencia to put the ball to the corner.

45 + 2 Goole Junior! Matías Fernández captures a ball inside the area, and Get comfortably and throw on the right, to overcome the fight against guardian Juan Valencia.

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