In the winter, the town has been maintaining winter conservation, and, weather response


In Považská Bystrica, winter repair was launched on Tuesday.

November 21, 2018 at 12:26 pm TASR

THE LIFEST STAY. A town hall is a responding to the weather, giving information to the Iveta Pagáč Kováčiková Party on Wednesday.

Keeping up a winter in Považska Bystrica under the contract starts from November 1, last until 31 March next year. Even this year, the town took advantage of the contract provision that is entitled to maintain winter retention, if there is bad weather.

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In recent years, this right was used regularly. "The contracted company will be notified three days before moving to the start date of its winter maintenance start, with its company trying to keep up winter only when it is reasonable to start snow , freezing or promoting the status of their communications by using them to ensure maintenance of their winter, "said Pagáč Kováčiková . Depending on the current climate conditions, the emergency is determined by the local government, therefore, due to weather development, it was officially held on preservation Winter on 20 November.

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"The state and Trenčín devolution department provides for the maintenance of state roads in the first, second and third class – home of Žilina – Trenčín, Púchov – Rajec as well as access routes to integrated urban areas, including some communications in integrated parts, except for different private areas, special and domestic communications, etc. Megawaste sro provides the " This service for self-government, "said spokesman; town.

A company fleet has a " including three large screenshots, two races, eight tractors, ten handicapped workers. For the incredible events, there were four tractors and one multiple searches in conservation. Goods are also prepared for winter. Urban communications are divided into an important order in keeping up to winter.

"The first is the main trends, the public transport routes and town and village parts. The rescue units are also important in the first instance, and the police are away from Their center is directly with the state II / 517 road, which is run by the Trenčín Independent Department Administration. The first order also maintains roads and trails around schools, offices, etc. The second A place in the order of the importance of secondary settlement communication and high school communication in urban areas, a third part of a service communication with the importance of small traffic, "said Pagáč Kováčiková.

As long as the support concerns, it is a priority that the town is provide winter retention for those who use most of them. "In winter conditions there are always situations where it is necessary to ensure that winter maintenance is in a special place, usually by reaching sub- hilly villages such as Praznov or Podmanin, where their buses can not be reached or quickly for a health service.

In such cases, the important order will be refused, "she said, with a 24 hour service facility at 0911 906 150.

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