In the woods to build a pepper, people will collect millions


The woodland is a kind of tree that grows naturally in the high forests. For a long time people have been using their & # 39; This fruit is for spices in the vessels. (Picture: Dan Viet)

New woods will be harvested when they are new and seamlessly in clubs. According to the type, 5,000 VND, a large VBD of 10,000 VND, has a small price. (Picture: Dan Viet)

Forest after drying is sold in the northwest of Nghe An. (Photo: Nghe An Newspaper)

By mid-October, a pepper started to start; cut. (Photo: Nghe An Newspaper)

This is also the time families go to the woods for gathering for traders or passengers. (Photo: Nghe An Newspaper)

Because this product did not show only a few months and then dropped out, so farmers did not. earn more revenue. On average, one person can win millions every day from selling pepper. (Photo: Nghe An Newspaper)

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