In Třinec I'm better off, I do not know how much it hurts


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Marek Viedenský's most prestigious preseason with strengthening her & ambitious club in Třinec. In the steel gate, the familiar centers became slower when the performance was carried out; look good, and wounds at the lower part of her body.

A twenty-year strike strike agrees with the club to protect the contract because he is not yet aware of the extent of his health problems.

"I do not want to identify my problem because I'm still not familiar with the level of injuries. I can only say that it is in the lower part of its body. The worst thing is after re I was a good feeling, I started training, but again the site started to get hurt. The revival revealed the lasting problem,"He told Sport Vienna.

Do not dispose of his situation in a way rather than by doing it. bankruptcy? Are you ready for a & # 39; game of this season? What is the healing process now waiting? Does he still think you want to play in the season so that the competitions in the world can be represented in Slovakia? How do you consider the short work in Třinec? What is the ban on KHL's move for Slovak Bratislava?

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