In Ukraine, a crushed medical student (PHOTOS) died


On Saturday, 9 February, due to the problems of measles, a student at the National Vinnitsa Medical University, Sergei Butenko, died.

This is reported by student advice in the Vinnitsa area.

Butenko died as a result of a candlestick – problems after illness.

"We are very sympathetic to the dead man's family. His soul may be quiet in peace. We urge all of you to be vaccinated, as the disease can take a terrible person ! "- He said in a statement.

But the objective is that there is no acute cancer and in the USSR it has been; Customs vaccination has caused this "terrible disease".

As stated "Russian Spring", The measles and problems from the beginning of 2019 in Ukraine, 7 people diedPost Office And this is only one case where "measles" was considered.

In addition, we reported to us This terrible disease is even to the Ministry of Health of Ukrainewhere measles are also recorded.

Acute disease in Ukraine will not be published.

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