In unusual rule, the Cassation authorized Carlos Menem and Domingo Cavallo to go to court after the sentence for paying bonuses – 12/14/2018


In a very unusual failure, Chamber II of the Crime Federation Chambers' Chamber appealed to the High Court of Justice of the former President Carlos Menem and Minister of Economy Domingo Cavallo, who was convicted in 2015, paid for money paid to police officers; Previously with assets held by the SIDE during the government in the 90s. The conviction has been recently confirmed by the same Accreditation Chamber, in those cases usually refusing the method to continue to & # 39; appeal to Court with double agreement. In fact, if the court does not grant that appeal, Can agreement should be suspended immediately, and Menem would only have his benefits separated from cell.

Unanimously, the judges Ángela Ledesma, Guillermo Yacobucci and Eduardo Riggi decided to open the route for those convicted to the Court, to consider unless "reasonable time" had passed for his trial of what happened, more than forty years ago. Of course, That time oppressed Chicanas with no number and methodology resources where the defenders set up the file, with the agreement – at least – of the judges and the patients who interfered with the case.

Only on 1 December 2015, the Federal Four-year (TOF4) Court condemned Menem four and a half years imprisonment and Cavallo to three and a half years old, and the old Secretary of Natural Resources María Julia Alsogaray was evicted. That day, Judge Pablo Bertuzzi, Patricia Mallo and Nestor Costabel also became guilty of the Justice and Raúl Granillo Ocampo Justice guilty and sentenced three and three months imprisonment, the Cassation abducted the sentence again.

The two ministers were convicted as required by a criminal offense. broke, and Menem was regarded as the author. These pastors passed over during the government of Menem paid a prize to ministers, secretaries and state subscribers through a reserved property from the State Information Secretary (SIDE). The apology was some ministers; Directors or professional officers receive less wages from the services they were managing, but at the exam they were found to have not been paid. Then, with another order, they were given the same money as "production costs".

On 12 October, the Cassation reinforced the sentence. That time, Judgment Ledesma and Ana María Figueroa abducted -subroducing San T-room II before they postponed Yacobucci advocating Menem and Cavallo, but his colleague Riggi's vote, after the "reasonable time "for a & # 39; the lawsuit, Everything should be on the archive and nothing has happened here. The only dissertation he put in a previous week – but in most cases – a & # 39; closing his case for illegal arms trade to Croatia and Ecuador, also complained about Menem.

"This is the usual legal case that fell into and the time was rustling," he said. Clarin Laura Alonso, Head of Coronation Office, complained in the case. "The defenses and many times the legal activists put the dates for ordering. The OA first complained to not die, and she did that. But now in a new method of operation, Even with the corresponding doubling of the Cassation, a new example is enabled of appeal. Everything is similar to planning so that Menem no Cavallo does not comply with the sentence. "For the official rule, yesterday" is to confirm the worst suspicion:It is hard to convince the powerful in Argentina, and much more to see them in prison. That is the rationalization of decrofting, the person who rejects Argentine society and has a very close profile of his / her identity; legal power and the republican health. "The ball, now, was at Courts' courts.

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