In utero smoking, passive smoking increases COPD risk


Passive smoking from childhood, including in womb, increasing the risk of & # 39; contracting years thereafter COPD (chronic inflammatory disease), an unidentified disease that killed 17,000 people in France a year, which warns experts in respiratory diseases. "A child who is badly smoked by a second can have a feeling that the breath can have their age when it is old"warns a number of special centers, including the Breath Foundation, the French Muslim Society or the French Philosophy Federation. World Day was set up Wednesday, 21 November 2018 to COPD, which is about 3.5 million people in France.

Severe diseases and respiratory disease are also the risk factors for COPD

"Until recently, we did not think about COPD in adult adults, and now we know that the disease can pronounce it in youth."emphasizing Professor Ralph Epaud, head of the Center for Romance Rumors and the Head of Department of Pediatric Intermediate Hospital Center, mentioned in the statement. There are differences according to the species, which indicate the information by & # 39; depends on several studies: "there will be more than a woman affected by a disease when pre-generational smoking, and a more vulnerable person in a growing position after birth".

As well as passive smoking, severe asthma and respiratory diseases occur during childhood as well as the risk factors for developing COPD. "The child's question of these children is" at risk ", according to Professor Epaud. "Most of them come out of the control radar after a certain age, to appear again several years later, about 40 or 50 years , sometimes unlikely "he says.

COPD is a continuous disease of bronchitis, means a permanent barrier on the airways. His main signs are a shortening of breath, cough, sputum. "The lack of COPD knowledge is one of the reasons for often criticizing", feel the statement, according "It's to diagnose that COPD is important because there are thermal solutions" (stop smoking, remedies or respiratory respiration, that is, a complete guide based on rehabilitation training).

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