In Xiaomi's smart smartphones phones take away camera


В смартфонах Xiaomi уберут плохие фотокамеры

Brand Xiaomi is so popular throughout the world due to its affordable price as well as an appropriate hardship. But the quality of camera is a key problem with smartphone phones; this brand. The company promised to finalize this lasting problem.

It is reported today.

In Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix recently released recently said to get her & # 39; camera created, which used a new approach, and made progress: according to DxOMark experts, the new tweed phone is not a & # 39; Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gets worse. It is very expensive, because it was used only for one smartphone.

Xiaomi's headteacher promises the availability of higher quality cameras for smartphones needing the technology and laboratory that has already been developed, Using more than one thousand experts of the company, but not enough.

Also, it is known that Xiaomi wants a well-known Mito company in China, such as "ensuring smart phones, focusing on appropriate pictures". Experts say that the purpose of the upcoming business for Xiaomi is to get into the patterns and designs by Mito, that is a related algorithm cameras and AI technology to develop pictures.

If the contract is awarded, the enhanced camera will appear in many Xiaomi smartphones in 2019.

Earlier it was named the best TOP 10 smartphones in 2018.

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