In Zaporozhye a 18-year world champion, Alexander Vlasenko, died in a lorry accident


In Zaporozhye, the European kick-keeper, the winner of the European Cup and the World Cup Alexander Vlasenko, died in the tragedy. About this writes on local version 28 March of Forpost.

An athlete took 18 years to attack a fatal accident on Tuesday 27th 27. A car ZAZ-1103 Slavuta, which Vlasenko was driving, did not lose the vehicle. "The car was a multi-tonred, hollow lorry, turning to a gift of waste metal. As a result of the accident, the driver ZAZ died at the view," – tells of the publication.


Alexander Vlasenko is known to be the multi-king multi-box keeper in Ukraine, winning the European and world cup winners.

Alexander Vlasenko

Earlier, "Country" said there was a man, near Zaporozhye, knitting a policeman who became a grenade.

We also wrote that a prisoner in a Zaporozhye area had escaped from the colony to visit his mother.

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