Inactivity and too many seats will spend 70,000 British people a year


A recent study warned of the distribution of the 'divine distribution' in Britain, the failure of unemployment and the invention of some 70,000 people in Britain every year. The team concluded that too much seating in relation to 17% of the Type 2 diabetes and 5% of heart disease cases.

The researchers said that people spending most of the day sitting in one place saw an 88 per cent increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes, a 14% higher risk from diabetes. heart disease and 25% higher pre-death death.

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The risk of lung cancer increases by 27%, 30% breast cancer, and breast cancer 28%. The researchers say that although you are physically active, you sit for a long time harming your health and adding to the risk from a wide range of health packages.

Experts warn that Britain is dependent on a 'sitting economy' where most of the adults work at cost times in offices. Around 30% of people spend 6 hours sitting each day, throughout the week.

Surprisingly, this level rises to 37% on the weekend, indicating a high degree of laziness and a lack of leisure exercise. Researchers at Queen's University in Belfast have warned that violent behavior is causing thousands of cases of heart disease, diabetes 2, cancer and even death.

In their research published in the BMJ Epidemiology and Community Health magazine, educators believed that the National Health Authority costs £ 762 million a year in addressing lazy outcomes. "Our study showed that sustainable behavior up to the death of around 70,000 people in 2016," said Leonie Heron's learning director at the university's public health center.

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