Inappropriate opinion, review of female doctor


According to the family of the patient, before, noon 2.11, a woman who brings children (11 years old) to the medical examination in the Thanh Khe district, is a patient in a problem to breathe . Here, your mother asked your female doctor who was on the electrocardiogram. Surely, this doctor is throwing the medical test back and saying "see the doctor to go to the doctor." Speaking by the female doctor's opinion, this woman gave her home.

Thanh Khe District Health Center (Da Nang)

After receiving information, the center of Thanh Khe's health center has done the investigation, by verifying that the facts have come to his / her; Determination: When children enter the clinic, their mother has been asked and words are not suitable. The doctor is not satisfied with that opinion, he should remind the family in order to order the doctor. "Just as the female doctor said," Doctors will always go. "The doctor said he was not calm at the time due to the lack of behavioral causes of mental illness. We are disturbing the patient's mother," said headteacher Thanh Khe health.
Earlier in April, Thanh Khe's health center had been sensible to a midwife due to the wrong handling of the ultrasound device and asked to remove abducted ultrasound women.


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