Including Orbit & Imaging Volcanic Asteroids Io


This week in astronomy news, the Osiris-REX spacecraft went inside the Bennu asteroid, and Juno NASA put pictures of volcanic crevices that break the moon Jupiter Io.

Osiris-REX arrives at Orbit Around Bennu

Everyone was waiting for Flyby New Horizons on New Year's Day; Now, another NASA sportswoman already has reached a large milestone on New Year's Eve & New. Osiris-REX was introduced around the asteroid asteroid Distance at 2:43 p.m. EST on December 31st. At just 492 meters (nearly a third of a mile), the smallest rock is ever cast by a spacecraft. Osiris-REX and Distribution split within one mile of the center – closer to Rosetta ever to be seen. This closed orbit with its spaceboat will stay locked up at its target; despite the deep-hidden range of Bennu.

An orbital input was removed without a hitch after a startup survey on the Bennu surface. The current street will continue until mid-February, followed by the team; planning more challenging aircraft activities. The aim of all this is to make a big difference and large distribution mapping Determine with very good accuracy. Bogning problem knowledge is essential for the recovery of a sample, recorded for the summer of 2020. The sample is back on Earth in 2023.

Find out more details on how enthusiastic as is the non-verbal statement in the Osiris-REX team news release.

Juno Images Volcanic Plums from Jupiter Moon Io

Juno of the NASA company made a picture of the Jupiter's lunar moon areas on John 21st December, represents the world with more ultraviolet, flexible and infrared waves for more than one hour. The icons have taken active volcanic clothing at the right time, seen as a clear place just beyond the extremity (day / night boundaries).

Volcanoes on Io

JunoCam received three images of Io, which showed her; a volcanic tree clarified outside the border. The photograph shown here is reconstructed from red, blue and green rider images. The Juno sports service was about 300,000 km from the moon.

"The ground is already in the shade, but the height of its cartridge gives a chance to show goodness," the definition of JunoCam a & # 39; Guides Candice Hansen-Koharcheck (Institute of Planetary Science), "similar to how the moors or clouds on Earth still burn are sunshine."

Follow Juno to think about her; moon even after entering the Ippiter screen. Stellar Reference Unit, designed to capture images in very low light, saw Io with the sunlight coming from the surface of Europe and to Io.


The star camera on the Juno's Stellar Reference Unit pictured this shortly after a Jew was given at 12:40:29 (UTC) December 21, 2018. Io is simply clarified Moonlight from another Jupiter moor, Europe. Glow activity can be seen from a number of volcanos Io, which includes a cuff in the image.
NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI

Read on for more information on the ideas in the press release of the Southwest Research Institute.

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