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Shantou's actress (Zhan Ziqing), who came from the "I Love Black Skull" program, recently created a drink store. In just one year, she has expanded 12 resources, not just to earn money, but also to; manages her money at 30 years. I bought two valuable zones of thousands of millions. In recent times, it rarely has a quiet bathtub division in a limited IG, to which the networks have been installed; look awful.

Shantou / Facebook

▼ ▲ Recently the Tara bathtub spawned the mansion. (Image / Discharged from Facebook, IG)

Shantou / IG

Recently, Shantou decided the home-based restaurant through the current IG drama and he wrote happily: "Leaving at home, Jacuzzi," I saw a series of bottle and friends around the white white room, and the water in the bathtub was always growing up. There is also a small screen in front, you can take a bath, watch the TV or drive, and there are a number of knobs in the bathtub, you can change the temperature of water, etc., and enjoy so many webmasters tomorrow.

Shantou / Facebook

▼ ▲ Shantou has a set of financial governance methods. At the age of 23, he won his first golden pockets in his life. (Figure / off of the face book)

Shantou / Facebook

In fact, Shantou's growth grew up in the families of one parent of low income families. Guoji began to work and share the family responsibility. Shantou has a set of financial governance procedures, often restricting what can only spend a month. Her own interest, and at 23, was saved in the first bucket of life. When he looked at the eye, at the age of 30, she has bought two land worth twenty million, and has become a drink store, called the festival circle. Wealthy woman (Editor: Yang Kaiting)

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