Income to confirm whether there was an illegal act of inspectors related to Gilmar Mendes | News


Audit of the Financial Inclusion Service if an illegal act of inspectors was made to state that there was a fraud in his / her complaint; Justice of the Federal High Court of Gilmar Mendes and his wife, Guiomar.

The federal income research information was published on Friday (8) in the site of the magazine "Veja". TV Globo had access to documents about the case.

The Financial Interest Audit, a document of the special IRS fraud team, aims to "break off corruption, to cash erasure, to fund a property or a & # 39; affecting traffic. "

The document states that "the taxpayer Gilmar Mendes, the minister of the Federal High Court, his wife, lawyer Guiomar Feitosa Mendes, and their helpers (links with companies, partners, relatives) inspected. "

According to the Taxation document, "peddling will usually be affected by a lawyer's office test at taxpayers or relatives, where the headteacher or one of the co-operators can help the test. " He continues to say: "The office or company that is attached to the taxpayers can also be used for cash fees."

Elsewhere, tax inspectors say Guiomar, Mrs. Gilmar Mendes's wife, "has received money intake evidence and has provided revenue / departmental amounts on Reimbursement of Income Tax without proper ECF communication, accounting statement and tax company legal statement ".

According to the report of the Commissioners, "there was still a division of profits / divisions in the years 2014 and 2015, which should be determined if an effective service was delivered by the pay-by-tax under review", this case, Guiomar Mendes.

As a result, the tax examiners have been investigated openly.

Gilmar Mendes's minister came against him. In a letter sent on Thursday (7), he told the President of the Federal High Court, Minister Dias Toffoli, "unofficially he heard the documents."

According to the minister, "as well as issuing this document to third parties that are not part of the Federal Tax Administration, which allows administrative and criminal investigation to Carefully, it is clear that the purpose of the Investigation of Financial Investigation of crime investigation is clear and it seems that it exports the place that provides the oldest attendants. "

Gilmar Mendes said that "all citizens are subject to compliance with the duties provided by law and, as a result, they are subject to regular inspection by state agencies. # 39; which causes a great deal and is currently desirable to adversely affect the power of public officials for the purpose of misdivision, to be achieved through a strategy ; one item on prestigious attack on complex goals. "

The Toffoli minister asked "to take urgent steps to clarify the truth and clarify his responsibility for any crime that could be done."

Then the High Court president called for the Special Secretary of the Admissions Service, Marcos Cintra, to the Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, and Advocate, Raquel Dodge.

On Friday afternoon (8), the Ministry of Economy informed the Finance Secretary, Marcos Cintra, "they agreed that the Federal Financial Office Immigration Admissions Service should begin to properly check the facts , a decision with the support of Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes ".

Inspector Mauro Silva, director of Unfisco, says that the review of authorities is an active responsibility for the Commissioners, following international entities.

"It is quite usual for the Commissioners to carry out these checks. Brazil is a sign of UN contracts and other international norms about the conflict of corruption that defines what is a person who is politically open, such as the minister of the Federal High Court, such as the President of the Republic, government ministers, and those people who are politically open should be subject to more fiscal control because they are in define their international convenience, more likely to be exposed to corruption, so they have to be subject to larger fiscal depth, so it is quite normal The race will be a & # 39; do this survey. "

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