Increase business with credit cards and debts – 01/01/2019


Actions with credit cards and debts completed in November They grow an average of 14% in respect of the same month of 2017, it was convinced that the latest report was prepared by ATACyC, the room that is the department's top independent agency.

The increase in the counting in pesos it was over 40% annually, driven by mobile telephony, air services and tickets.

On the side of the debit cards, the paper with its & # 39; Moving in November payment of services, with a 47.9% increase in the number of businesses and 95.5% in volume in pesos; and after the purchase of air tickets, with an increase of 43.8% and 48.1%.

On credit cards the item Moving telephony continued to grow, with a 34.6% increase in business and 56.2% in the amount related to the same month of the previous year.

Secondly, the thing was paying services, with a 24.2% increase in jobs and 81.7% in revenue.

At the same time, the issues that revealed a decline in credit card business in November household items, with a 23% drop in total business; and then furniture and bolt (-18.3%), and clothes and shoes (-11.1%).

On the other hand, in the debt cards the items that also reduced their number of items clothing and shoes (-8.9%), furnishings and bobhs (-8.6%), and household items (-8.0%).

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