Increase collagen creation: three face mask with kiwi


The Kiwi product is an average excess of C. vitamins. It is even more than a jump. This vitim is essential, among other things, to make a collagen, which makes our skin always be humiliated and humiliated.

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With home masks for the face made by kiwi, you can realize that your skin is younger. This is also related to vitamin C than the powerful antioxidant that can help to reduce its output; an older age process, which is also a means that it reduces a pre-premature risk. In addition, the kiwi is also anti-inflammatory. It will set a & # 39; skin and help to & # 39; ban acne, shoes, etc. Below are some ideas for making masks of skin, including kiwi. These are very simple recipes, and you can prepare quickly, so they have to be tested!

Easter with kiwi and banana

This mask is particularly suitable for those wishing to develop a poorer skin without noticeable irregularity. You need 1 kiwi and half a banana for you. We recommend that you use as well-qualified bananas; as possible. First-rate football, add half a banana and kiwi to the fork. If necessary, you can add a little water or almon milk / coconut. Enter the mask to clean the skin on the face. Wait for 20-30 minutes before washing it.

Face face from kiwi

Kiwi mask and aloe vera

The combination of aloe vera and kiwi is extremely restored to skin. Both are known for anti-inflammatory effects, so the mask also helps to cleanse the skin quickly. In fact, it also helps ensure that the skin is cleaned. Prepare the mask by mixing 1 kiwi to boil and stew and 1 bite of aloe vera gel. If you have a plant at home, you can break the gel from your wild pages. On the other hand, be careful that you will buy 100% gel that does not have a & # 39; surrender. Once you have to cleanse your hands, spread the mask fairly over its; skin. You can also use it for the number. Remove after 15-20 minutes.

Kiwi will be fired with oil oil

Beat the kiwi and add 1 board of olive oil. Variety well. Clean your face and insert the mask. Sensitely calmly on your mouth with a slow slow movement. The massage should be about 5 minutes. Then let the mask work for another 20-30 minutes. The Kiwi mask has been able to put oil oil, which can be replaced, if desired, with avocado, excellent for those with a very dry skin without being very clear. Molte especially in the winter. Both help to & # 39; hauling a process of getting older.

For each butt, any residues that are not used can be stored in the compiler, but you must use it in a few days.

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