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This is a major concern about the increasing number of students who self-kill students in high school learning. There are reports that four students to date have their own lives at a number of higher education centers this year. This was said by psychotherapy, Sacrifice Chirisa, about colleges and universities suicide

Self-killing is self-related, innocent and hopeless. When a man arrives without hope, self-killing is seen as a way of escaping from a situation that he can not suffer.

The university students have been greatly stressed by parents, lecturers, peers and their colleagues. community. Some people are still young and are the first time they are independent, so they are overweight.

Socialist reporter, Rebecca Chisamba, stressed the importance of counseling. Talk to the Daily News Chisamba

I do not know what a & # 39; happening to our children today. They are acting as Judas Iscariot of the Bible. However, we should understand that the difficulties they are going through are going to be kill suicide. They should talk about their problems.

Counseling is very powerful. The country is experiencing a great deal at present and many people have different challenges. We should keep up and be strong because this will come true. Similarly, our children should understand, and ensure self-killing is healthy and healthy. Their parents work hard to give them a better life and they cut it just like that.

Before you think of self-killing thinking about your family, friends and country as a whole. They are left tired. No one should help them to kill themselves … Every problem that has not been killed is resolved … I am a? urging universities to strengthen their advisory programs and as parents, we should encourage our children to go for counseling.

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