Increase more than 100% for Chinese tourists


According to figures distributed by the regional tourism agency, the number of people with last night last year 1,339,828, up 7% from 2017, and tourists got a 10% increase.

The number of Chinese people increased by 105% to 25,406 tourists, and during the same time the nights up to 130%, a tourism representative group.

The other countries leave an 8% increase for Spanish, 9% for the French. The Dutch tourist boosted 23%, 13% of Britain.

Moroccan tourists are still as confident about their holiday in the Straits town with a 10% increase in stops overnight (646,907 versus 585,637 in 2017).

To stay in Tangier, visitors will choose the four stars, and the five stars are long & The others have set their sights on tourist residences.

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