Increase the amount of obesity while the diabetes is increasing; fall


Increase the amount of obesity while the diabetes is increasing; fall

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The sugar is not a cause of "disease" of obesity in Quebec and elsewhere, and contributes to more sugared drinks, as some organizations want, and shows a publication published today by the MEI.

"Quebec and its rest of Canada, as well as the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, among others, have grown dramatically in obesity and diabetes in recent years. However, sugar consumption has declined. Tax tax is a wise but is still a simpler solution to a complex problem, "explains Mathieu Bédard, MEI economist and author of the publication.

In addition, Quebeckers and other Canadians use alcohol less and less, and there is less and less sugar in there. Depression in general has also declined over the past decade, following a slight increase since the early 1990s. Despite this, the level of obesity is rising, and today one third of the nation's population is.

"A number of clinical checks have shown that there is no sugar in itself at any particular thing that would drop down or eliminate the help weight in a diet. It often consumes calories, what origin they have, which makes you fat, "says Mathieu Bédard.

The tax problem has food that is too tasteful, salt or greedy like all taxes. When you are a goods tax, the behaviors change, and people will Explain some of them to be good for another. There is no promise, however, that the new product will be better for their health than the targeted product.

"If yes, despite taxation, people who use too much calories, this public policy will have no effect. However, it will increase the price of the products , which is especially insulting for so much. And if there is a low impact on consuming full sugar, it is even worse, because such a policy can not even trying to improve public health, "says Mathieu Bédard.

In this regard, education is adequate in healthy eating, as well as advocating for more physical activity to prevent obesity, better to do so; sugar censorship. Fortunately, this idea seems to be shared with the new Minister of Education, who recently gave an interview in an interview that she wanted to encourage young people's physical activity rather than being a & # 39; waste food taxation.

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