Increase the pressure and pressure of the dollar pressure on the ground of interest rates


The Mid Bank was ratified on Monday follow the second hike for stages of cash policy, as follows over 44% annually. Although these are a remote increase, closing a a snowbill that was maintained with 30 wheels ongoing in early 2019.

An inflationary process that is still far from more, once and the INDEC is known to be considered in January Increase in shop prices of 2.9%, change the course described by the team Guido Sandleris for the Results of the Content Bills (Leliq), even as a specific instrument for banks the description for the entire financial system.

"An grazing to surprise amazement in January, which marks the beginning of challenging for the year. Hyperinflation expectations in & # 39; The first quarter of 2019, we will build on its projection for 2019 32 per cent", he thought SBS Group.

Indeed, in the beginning of 2019 decrease in Leliq produce impact on it falling into a profit which was seen in the last wheels for the established terms, which had benefited the development of the dollar. Now the extent Badlar for investments of more than one million pesos in private banks 36.06%, a few points above the inflation prehistory for the next two months. At the same time, terms set up to 59 day results 34.91% in private banking.

Laliq's normal salesman made the Mid Bank on the seven days of Monday, where he gave $ 190,000 million to a an average average of 44.312% annually, with a slight increase of 10 points compared to Friday. The lowest critical point was 43.201%, and reached the highest 44.7491%.

The BCRA he covered the campaigns of the date for $ 190,000 million: that means that Leliq stock has still changed at around $ 945,000 million, although there was a cash expansion of $ 1,600 million due to paying interest.

The Central was implemented h mph East North Easterly in six weeks, a time when the demand for dollars was tough and the exchange rate outside the region was uninterrupted. So, even with the increase in the money policy level on Monday the green ticket came to $ 40 for sale Purchaser, despite US holidays that reduced domestic financial work to lower sums.

"An dollar in an attractive area, the rate so far this year has fallen by about 15 percentage points and the inflation is not then distributed (…) Risk is seen to be very heavy in pesos", estimate report from Personal Investments Portfolio.

In addition, he stressed that "those levels of interest were to reduce the cut in the last corries due to the impact of some regulatory changes which restricts Leliq's hold with banks. "

As of April, the Leliq stock may not exceed the value of the bank's webpage or two thirds of the investments made in each unit with the non-financial and private sector – which show a greater balance – may An informed influence on liquidity in the financial system in the coming weeks.

"In the current context of loan ownership, yes The banks' profits are almost entirely the Leliq ", a report said Delphos Investment, in which he considered "the Realization rates reached land-based deposits"

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